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Beyonce Surprises Students At Harlem School PS 161 For Her Let’s Move! May 5, 2011

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Whitney Is Coming Back January 16, 2011

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So the buzz for 2011 is that our girl Whitney Houston is readying for an even bigger album this year. The legendary diva is allegedly planning a return to the studio this June to record a follow-up album, sources tell That Grape Juice…

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Lil Kim Black Friday November 27, 2010

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Tell me if Kim didn’t rip that shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!


Fantasia Aborts Baby Confession

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So here is the scoop Miss Fantasia was in court early last week to address whether she knew her then boyfriend Antwaun Cook was still married.  During the court proceeding she confess that she was in deed pregnant with Cook’s child and had an abortion. Well I have to commit on this, I am against abortion but maybe it was for the best this man wasn’t honest in the relationship, cheating on his wife and brought another person into his mess. Do you honestly think he wanted this baby if Fantasia went through with it. In another interview it was said that if Fantasia wasn’t famous he never would have taken a liken to the young star. Now he is what you call a low down dirty DOG!

Can my readers comment on this mess….


NEW MUSIC Keyshia Cole – I aint Tru

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New music from Keyshia Cole ft none other than Lil’ Kim’s most hated counter part Nicki Minja


It’s Pink Tuesday! November 20, 2010

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Miss Diva is celebrating the release of Nicki’s album Pink Friday, Monday 11/23 @ 11pm


The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Videos – Bonus Clips – Kim Prepares a New Single | Bravo TV Official Site November 8, 2010

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Videos – Bonus Clips – Kim Prepares a New Single | Bravo TV Official Site.

Like serious the Real Housewives of Atlanta was packed with so much drama last night, what the hell miss Kim thinking about? She can’t sing, and I am sorry her first single wasn’t no big hit like that shoot I didnt hear on the radio. I was cracking up laughing when she was singing “the rinnnnnnnng didn’t mean a thiiing” and Kandi’s producer looked up and was like WTF was that, lol. Then there was miss Lawyer Phaedra Parks, like serious can you really help Lativa? Honestly I didn’t get why that was shown, it’s been years now move on. I mean it’s messed up what Beyonce and them did to her but shot if Letoya can get up and do an album why she can’t do it too. But we will see what’s to come. By the way I don’t know who miss Phaedra was fooling 7 months and the doctor is going to induce labor. That baby aint her man’s I aint even never had no baby and I know 7 months can’t be lol. Finally I really feel it for Nene she is going through some serious ish with her husband I mean every woman can at least relate to her hell I sure can. She is so right “communication” is key because with out it shit can your relationship go anywhere? We have to keep her lifted in spirts ya’ll…. Scream at me, let me know what you think…