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About August 10, 2010

Hey cyber fans I am Miss Diva, and I am a fashion designer, model, mentor, author and business woman. Most people that know say I have a lot on my plate. I guess their right because I try to stretch myself to do everything to gain the experience because I strongly believe that you only have one life so might as well live it up. I am a member of the Black Doll Affair, so I support and encourage minorities to love themselves. I’ve also taken the time to start Jamaica We Unite which is a non profit organization created to raise awarness of the econmic development of my native country Jamaica. Not only just Jamaica but the surrounding Caribbean islands. I have also launch Caribbean Diva’s which is a social networking group created to uplift other Caribbean women and to build relationships.

In 2007, I created Royalty Clothing which gave me the start to model. I graudated from the John Casablancas School of Modeling and launched a career int he fashion indusrty. Currently, I have retired the name Royalty, and I am in the works of creating another clothing line for both men and women. Another porject that I am working on is my first online clothing store Kimani Couture Boutique which will have affordable fashionable clothing for women and men.

So as you can see I’ve come a long way and I have no where esle to go but up. Finally, I have launched my The Kaya Group it is my baby! We are a marketing, public relations and event planning firm who will take on any business and give you elite service! So in the mean time check me out on the following…