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Women’s Jordans November 6, 2010

Filed under: Fashion & Beauty — missdiva87 @ 6:17 pm

While surfing the net I came across these new women’s Jordans, check em out tell me what you think. Click here to purchase. Or click here to see other designs and styles


3 Responses to “Women’s Jordans”

  1. Candice Says:

    these are hot now all the ghetto girls gonna save up for these lol

  2. Cherise Charleswell Says:

    LOL…I’m giving them the *side eye*. Looks like some “Jetsons” mess. LOL. Furthermore, I do not support the purchase of Jordans. They are over priced (some Chinese child is probably being paid a dime an hour to produce them) and that “self-hating Negro” is rich enough.

    All these years, all of these dead Black boys & men killing each other for his shoes, you would think that he could use some of the proceeds to “give back” or speak out.

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