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What happen to our dream? November 5, 2010

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 I had to take a few days to calm my self down because I was so outrage at what happen Tuesday night. Now I’ve voted so I have every right to speak what is on my mind. What happen to this great fight we were doing to make sure that we support our 1st African American President? I felt like we have given up on him because things may not be moving as quickly as we wanted. But didn’t our President say to the American public that this mess that the Republicans did was going to take almost two Presidency to fix? I remember that before we voted him in office. But no we forget and expect him to fix this over night you must be out your damn mind America. Why don’t the American public say that they do not trust an African American to solve their problems, why wont they say that their are not comfortable that a black man is leading this country. Yet they say we want our country back, as if were not included, as if it’s not our country too. Sh*t instead of fighting about who’s country is why didnt the republicans swallow their pride and help clean up their mess. President Barack Obama as asked many times for their help but yet they fight him against every bill and now they want him out as if he cause the country it’s greatest debt. As I remember wasn’t Bush sending $10 million dollars to Iraq every month isn’t that alot of money wasting but yet the American public kept quite. Then you the public want this man to fix, no give your lazy asses jobs, get up off your unemployment and create your own jobs, roll up your expensive shirts that you brought on credit which you knew you couldn’t affoard even when you had a job and do what you have to do. Don’t turn a job because it pays $5 less than what your lazy ass was use to. God don’t help those who don’t help them selves. What happen to our dream America? Dr. Martin Luther King walked so PRESIDENT Barack Obama could run and now what the hell is our generation going to do? Creep? How could we have just given up and turn this country back over to the people who distroyed it over greed? Now prepare for the worst. 

By the way could we stop calling the President, Barack or Obama he has earned the right to be called President Barack Obama. Look at the man who destroyed America Bush, were rush to call him President Bush, why?


5 Responses to “What happen to our dream?”

  1. Candice Says:

    I am worried with whats to come for this country.

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