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Jim Crow’s Coming To Florida November 5, 2010

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Now, with all that’s going on with Arizona I can not believe Florida voted a morden day Jim Crow to run it’s state. Today someone told me that he was going down broward blvd and 441 and saw several police officers questioning people who worked with a lawn services, asking them for id’s to prove their legal rights to be in this country. WHAT THE F**K are you serious so now I have to walk with my freedom papers, why did Fredrick Douglas, Malcolm X, Dr. King etc. what did they all fight for? I swear we need to unite and stop this madness before we set ourselves back to the days we had to use color only water fountains.

It saddens me that we dont want to help those who are trying to make a better life for their family. First off its the immigrants who clean up your sh*t because you wont do it you want your $20 per hour job in the AC sitting down behind a computer than cutting grass or picking up garbage. Why can’t we help those immirgrants who want to make better. Of course I am not saying all immirgrants are good, those that are bad yes should be deported but those who are innocent  and hard working and contributing to this country why won’t we help. We are all immirgrats too at one point remember we took the land from the natives who were here first if anything they are the ones who should have all rights.


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