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I’m Back October 30, 2010

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missdiva87Ok, so its been a while sine I’ve posted something that’s because I’ve been without internet service for exactly a month. Omg I was starting to feel like I was on drugs because I’ve never been this long without internet in my whole entire life. So this is what’s been going on, I finally moved into my own place yep I am living on my own. Now I can roam my own hallways in my birthday suit without fearing someone will walk in on me. I just pray my readers support me and pray for me, pray that I can make it on my own.  Oh by the way I took my midterms for my stats class about 2 weeks ago and I passed thank God with a C! Just two more classes and I am outta Broward College. If you didn’t know I am marketing marjor. Any who I need to spend sometime with my love “the internet” I need to catch up with what’s been going on in the cyber world! Catch me on facebook



Miss Diva


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