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What Defines U August 22, 2010

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I am writing this blog because I am quite fed up of people saying that I am not Jamaican, or just assume that I don’t listen to reggae. This prompted me to ask on my facebook status what defines being Jamaican? So the hubby and I can’t come to terms on whether what type of business we should do together. I am always active in seeking a new opportunity. He’s the laid back and watch things happen type dude which I can’t do. Honestly he doesn’t seem interested in forming a merger with me but he would with his folks, which in the end I don’t care whatever makes him happy. I would rather an honest approach though. It’s just a form of respect right. But any ways we starting arguing because he said that my business ideas for a event planning doesn’t call for reggae music to be played, and he assumes I don’t know anything about reggae music or Jamaican music. Just because I don’t act like the normally Jamaican 23 year old girl doesn’t mean I am not Jamaican. Just because my speech isn’t 100% straight Jamaican doesn’t mean I am not Jamaican. Just because I would rather listen to Jah Cure, (culture reggae) over Kartel (dancehall reggae) doesn’t mean I ain’t damn Jamaican. I hate people defining me because I lack what’s aboved. I love Jamaican music, culture, food etc shit I was born there. I am from there and I am the defination of Jamaican, respectful and loyal. So I ask you my readers, what defines you….


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