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Shopping @ Lauderhill Mall, FL August 17, 2010

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What a weekend crazy busy! Good thing I was able to do some shopping. Have you ever heard of the Lauderhill Mall? It’s one of the most interesting mall, for those who as been there you know what’s up lol. So the hubby and I went to get some our jewelry fixed at one of the many jewelry stores there. Tell me why these people got me looking at hello kitty bracelets, earrings, rings etc which by the way cost like $1000 the girl goes but I’ll give it to you for $500. Well it wasn’t pay day so I had to put it on law away until Friday.  I also say another set I wanted this chick didn’t want to sell it to me because she assumed that I wasn’t able to pay for the second set. I am like thinking to myself this woman don’t know that I can and can’t buy. Ladies and gentle man the set was $200 so I know I wasn’t going broke, oh no. But this mall, like I said has many interesting features and people and this lady judge me and marked me like one of the interesting people. The last time some one did that to me I brought $1000 worth of Tiffany’s. Can you imagine what I am gonna do once payday comes? How would you handle this issue?


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