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Why do men do what they do? August 12, 2010

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What’s up cyber peeps, lol. Oh boy today was a long day, working and then meeting with a client. We’ve been trying to get his school launched for his business but as you know things don’t always seem to go as you plan. So this weekend I will be working on a plan for him to over come those road blocks. So, I’ve been thinking alot lately about love, what does it truly mean to me? How do you determine if you truly love someone or just being in love with them how do you tell the difference. Since being a littel girl understanding what love is I’ve been actively trying to seek it. I’ve gotten it from all sides of men. Men who truly loved me and men who totally used my ass. It’s upsetting being heart broken. Although I am in a relationship with someone right now I must admit I do consider if he’s really inlove with me or is he so screwing me. Because it’s funny how men they do so much to try and get you but they never know what the hell to do to keep you. Men in the start of a relationship will clim mountains, tell you oh baby yes I wanna be with you but months later it’s like yea, yea, yea, whatever you say. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It bothers’ me, I wish that men would just grow up and take charge. What happen to the men who would open doors, get your water, help you put on your coat, who encourage you and tell you thank you when you do something special? Ladies let me hear your comments……MEN you can speak your mind too….


3 Responses to “Why do men do what they do?”

  1. I know you don’t know me.
    But I just thought you should know-I’m kind of in the same boat as you. Heart-broken yet in a relationship which is nice right now but who knows how we’ll be after being together a while longer? Also with the whole “my life’s ambition since I was little is to find out what love is and all that jazz.”
    So I guess I don’t really have any sort of advice…or any kind of real comment. Except to say that you’re not alone in all of these thoughts!

    • missdiva87 Says:

      Thanks for sharing your views. I am just so scared that this may not be the relationship for me, and in the mean time I in this relationship I feel on my own and alone. I hate not knowing if he is the right one? How can you tell?

  2. I’m feeling the exact same way right now.
    I think at some point you just know if he’s the right one. I’m not saying you should dump a guy just because you’ve been together for three days and you’re not feeling fireworks yet. It takes time. But I don’t think it’s something you can really explain. I don’t know.

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